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Bussaba Massage Khao Lak Beach



The Khao Lak region comprises a series of hamlets that lie along a 20km stretch of beaches next to the Andaman Sea. Each hamlet has its particular attractive quality, but they all cater for tourists wanting to relax and enjoy the myriad of things to do in Khao Lak. For example, the year is dotted with festivals such as Thailand New Year (“Songkran”) in April, and the Festival of Light (“Loy Kratong”) each November. The region also accommodates peoples’ preferences for different cuisines (especially Thai food!), as well as lodging types ranging from backpacker hostels to 5-star hotels and resorts. Those wanting to kick their feet up will find several live-music venues and bars, while those wanting more contemplative and meditative times will easily discover a multitude of Buddhist temples.

All in all, Khao Lak has much to offer tourists. Indeed, many like the place so much they end up staying as expats and make Thailand and Khao Lak their home.

Bussaba Massage Khao Lak Festivals


The two most anticipated festivals in Khao Lak are the New Year celebrations or “Songkran” (see left image) and the Festival of Lights (“Loy Krathong”). The streets are filled with spraying water guns containing water obtained from large buckets filled with ice. In Bang Niang, an area on the main street is set aside for a large machine jetting out snow-flakes. Not a straightforward thing to accomplish in a country as hot as Thailand!

Bussaba Massage Khao Lak Bang Niang Beach


The Khao Lak region is blessed with many beaches. Some are fairly secluded, especially in the northern parts, while others in the more southern sections are often filled with tourists. Each beach has a particular unqiueness, particularly with respect to hotel and resort accessibility, but they all have one thing in common – miles of clean white sand and warm water all year round for swimming! 

Bang Niang market in Khao Lak Thailand


There are several markets in the Khao Lak area, but the main ones are located between Bang Niang and Khukkak. The Bang Niang market is the most popular market for tourists. It comprises fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, fashion and kitchenware shops, and restaurants and bars. Only1km north is the Build market which is also popular for tourists, and has similar shops and stalls. Another 1km north is the Khukkak market which is a mainly food market, including meats and fish.

Khao Lak temples


Buddhism is deeply entrenched in the Thai culture. Temples and shrines can be seen everywhere; inside and outside homes and businesses, and of course in the large Temples that are ubiquitous in the Kingdom of Thailand. The Khao Lak region is full of Buddhist temples, and for those who want to know what to do in Khao Lak, visiting a Temple is clearly an attractive option.

Khao Lak restaurants


It will come as no surprise that the Khao Lak area is full of restaurants, cafes – and even juice bars – all serving meals. Of course, Thai food is the predominant cuisine, but other nationalities are represented, such as Indian, Italian, British and German. Even McDonald’s is represented in Khao Lak! There are also several “healthy” restaurants that serve vegetarian and meat wraps along with fruit smoothies.

Khao Lak hotels


The Khao Lak region has different types of tourist accommodation, ranging from backpackers hostels to 5-star hotels and luxurious resorts. Some of the best hotels and resorts are located close to the Bussaba Massage shop in Bang Niang. Several are located on Bang Niang beach itself, and there are more budget hotels only a few minutes away on the main road. All hamlets comprising the Khao Lak area have fine hotels.