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What are the elements that, when integrated together well, provide an environment conducive for a great massage? The first component, of course, is the quality of the masseuses. At Bussaba Massage, the masseuses are certified body-workers with years of practice. Whether it’s a strong massage you are after, or a more gentle soothing of the muscles, customers at Bussaba Massage will delight in the quality of the massages they receive.

Other elements, however, can enhance the experience considerably. At Bussaba Massage, all full-body massages and pedicures begin with the traditional Thai washing of the feet. Generally, this is done for hygienic purposes, but it is also performed as a ritualistic service to a customer. Westerners can feel apprehensive allowing another person to wash their feet while they sit comfortably on a chair, but in Thai culture the act itself is understood to be a sign of respect and service to another.

Shop Environment 1

The Bussaba Massage shop is well equipped to cater for the high temperatures and humidity typical of a tropical country. A modern air-conditioner, sufficiently powerful to cool the entire shop yet surprisingly quiet, provides relief from the daily heat. Each massage table has its own wall-fan for further comfort.

An important attribute in the maintenance of the Bussaba Massage environment, is how it is kept consciously clean and ordered. Every evening the shop is thoroughly cleansed, while every morning the masseuses offer a traditional prayer to the Buddha, wishing the business to flourish and for the customers to enjoy the services provided. Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand with an estimated 93% of the population considered Buddhist. The soft, ambient music in the background also provides a soothing and meditative environment in accordance with Buddhist practice. It is also conducive for general relaxation.

Shop Environment 2

Every customer receives a bottle of water after completion of each massage, in order to help prevent dehydration.