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Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Oils



Oils reduce the friction between the hands of the masseuse and the part of body being massaged. At Bussaba Massage, we offer several types of oils that one can have the benefit of using. These oils have been chosen for their therapeutic value as well as their wonderful aromatic qualities.

So, once you have chosen which type of massage you want, you might also want to choose which essential oil to use. They all reinvigorate the cells of the skin as well as provide a wonderful scented massage experience.

Massage oil Aloe-Vera

Aloe Vera Massage Oil

Aloe vera gel is a viscous green liquid often used as a remedy for certain skin and scalp conditions. It is excellent as a massage oil in the hot climate of Thailand, leaving the skin cool and relaxed. Aloe vera contains high concentrations of anti-oxidants and free radicals, which are known to foster the body’s immune system. For the greatest benefits, leave on the body for several hours before washing off.

Coconut Massage Oil

Coconut Massage Oil

Like aloe vera, the coconut is particularly beneficial for the skin as a natural moisturizer. Combined with an essential massage oil, it provides a wonderfully soothing experience for the whole-body. The coconut can also be used in conjunction with sugar to provide a smoothing body scrub. Additionally, when used as a massage oil, it releases an exceptionally enjoyable aroma.

Lavender massage oil

Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular plants used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. It is also widely used in the formulation of massage oils, in part due to its wonderfully dynamic and full-bodied aroma. Like aloe vera, the massage oil has the capacity to act as a natural moisturizer, and to be used for relaxation purposes and body-scrubs.

Balsam massage oil

Balsam Massage Oil

Balsam is an aromatic resinous substance used widely as a foundation for medicinal and other purposes. It provides an excellent base for use as a massage oil, and is particularly noted for its value as a contributor to many relaxation therapies. In addition, because of Balsam’s specific muscle relaxation attributes, it can be incorporated most effectively in sports massages.

Milk massage oil


In the West, milk is not widely known for its use as a massage oil. However, in Thailand, milk massages are a popular cultural feature. In contrast to the more typically stronger oil massage, a milk massage provides a softer style with more caressing strokes than deep tissue strokes. It is also very sensual. Definitely worth trying out!