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Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Other Services



Bussaba Massage Services provides more than just massages. We offer several other services that will make your stay in Khao Lak enjoyable and relaxing. For example, you can indulge yourself in a foot scrub, or further pamper yourself with a pedicure or a manicure.

Additionally, Bussaba Massage Services includes the options of having your hair braided in different ways, or your hand nails given a new lease of life with gel-coloured nail polish.

Bussaba Massage Services can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. So, one of the best things to do in Khao Lak is to come to our premises and let the professionally qualified ladies pamper you!

Hair Braiding

bussaba-massage-khao-lak-beautiful-hair braids


Braids (or plaits as it is sometimes referred to), are intricate hairstyles formed by entwining several strands of hair. Braiding has been utilised to fashion and adorn human hair, as well as animal hair, for millennia in different cultures around the globe.

The easiest and most familiar rendering is a flat, firm, three-stranded arrangement. More complicated designs can be created from an arbitrary number of threads to generate a larger range of configurations (for example; a five-stranded braid, a rope braid, a fishtail braid, a waterfall braid and a French braid).

Such structures are commonly thin and lengthy with each constituent strand functionally the same in zigzagging forward through the overlapping mass of the others. Essentially, hair braiding can be likened to weaving, which typically comprises two distinct vertical groups of strands (referred to as warp and weft).

Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Hair Braiding

Braid with beads costs 50 baht per bouquet, and braid with silk costs 70 baht per bouquet for a small bouquet.
(Please contact us for the cost of variations and complexities.)

Gel Coloured Nail-Polish

Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Nail Polish
Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Nail Polish


The main difference between regular nail-polish and gel-polish is the chemical composition, although different brands do have varied chemical components. Whereas gel nail-polish requires UV or LED light to dry, the more common nail-polish can dry with just air.

The great thing about gel nail-polish is that it is almost indestructible. It will not chip, so you can put your hand in your bag to grab your phone without having to be concerned about fragmentation.

And the colours are great!

500 baht

Sarisa Laundry Service

Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Laundry
Bussaba Massage Khao Lak - Laundry Services


Bussaba Massage Services has integrated Sarisa Laundry Service into its range of services. The laundry service is located within the Bussaba Massage Khao Lak premises. The clothes are usually packaged and ready to be retrieved within a day.

60 baht/kg




Motorbikes can now be rented from Bussaba Massage Khao Lak

(insurance included)

* 300 baht/day
* 2,000 baht for 7 days
* 2,800 baht for 10 days
* 3,700 baht for 14 days

** Deposit – 2,000 baht **

* Please bring motorbike driver’s license and passport with you.

* Call us to rent a motorbike