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Bussaba Massage Khao Lak Thailand



Bussaba Massage Khao Lak

Bussaba Massage is located on the right side of the main street of Bang Niang, Khao Lak, leading to the beach. The night life in the area is abundant, especially during the high season, but it can also be a haven for those wanting to enjoy the serene beaches of the Andaman Sea. The area boasts a variety of fine foods in hotels and restaurants, as well as several bars. View a detailed map of the new location of Bussaba Massage in Khao Lak.

Whatever the time of day, a visit to Bussaba Massage will be well rewarded. Choose from a variety of massage types and oils and take it easy in the comfort of the air-conditioned establishment. Choose between a soft or strong massage and let your muscles be kneaded into  a state of thorough relaxation.

Our shop is open every day from 09:00 to 24:00.


 What does the word “Bussaba” mean?

Bussaba is a Thai word meaning “flower”, and is derived from the Sanskrit word पुष्प (puspa). It is also the birth-name of the owner of the massage parlor. Thai people place a lot of significance in the names they choose for their children. They hope their traditional family values are fulfilled by their children in order for them to live prosperous and happy lives. Flowers represent beauty, but they also symbolize strength and vitality.

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Bussaba Massage Masseuse Qualifications

Before setting up her business, Bussaba trained in Bangkok where she received her massage certificate from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society. Upon completion, she moved to the Khao Lak area and worked for a number of years honing her skills at several massage parlors. She then decided that she wanted to create a massage shop that reflected her commitment to high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Bussaba thus began Bussaba Massage, located close to Bang Niang beach, and only a few kilometers north of the main Khao Lak centre. Her intention is to cater mainly to the requirements of Westerners. She does, however, continue to offer the traditional Thai massage which she considers to be beneficial to the well-being of all people.

Bussaba’s coleagues in the parlour are all qualified practitioners, they are all fully vaccinated against Covi-19,  and they all share her aspiration to create an environment with both professionalism and playfulness. They welcome all customers with the traditional Wai greeting.

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